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New fan art for Spirited Away:


This is not actually among my favorite Ghibli movies, although I find it to be beautiful and very fun to watch. I like the characters a lot and laugh at the jokes. The themes of self-discovery, cultural reconnection, and creating your own purpose in life are wonderful. I even cry at that part where Haku and Chihiro are falling! It’s just…you know when you can recognize that something is good without actually connecting to it that strongly? It’s that for me.
It’s probably because I like some of Studio Ghibli’s other movies VERY much and they set the bar ridiculously high for me.

Will you be proud of me?

New fan art for Arrietty! This movie is incredible, go watch it.

to buy the original ($75 + $10 postage US or $15 international.). 9″x12″ on nice Bristol.

Here is a list of everything currently for sale.

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New fan art for Laputa:

This was for Christian, who won last week’s Between Gears giveaway contest. :D

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New art:

Give me some rope tie me to the dream

Check out my fan art on Briar Hollow this week!

Dude, best commission ever: Catbus + koala + panda for David Harper. So ridiculously much fun.

as;dlkfjalskdmf;laskdfj I have so much love for Fringe.
My latest obsession is this full-length, piano version of the theme song:

If I find sheet music I like, I’d love to try learning this song on my keyboard! I also reeeeeeally want to do fan art, but that is just something that will have to wait. ;__; It will be so sweet when I finally find the time.

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Two new sketches! Fio from Porco Rosso and random fashion girl:

I won’t deny it, I’m not trying to hide it

I stayed in again to read and write for my thesis. It’s still vague, but taking shape every day. I have this sinking feeling that the only way I will be able to free my mind and make some new images for the story, though, is by finishing my other art projects first.

Tonight, I read The Art of Nausicaa of the Valley of Wind: Watercolor Impressions, which is deceptively named, as it contains ink work, preliminary sketches, quick art given as gifts, and a lot of valuable interview material from Miyazaki in addition to a host of watercolors. It would be really nice to own this book.
I felt a great sense of relief reading about Miyazaki’s 3 year incubation period, where he read the work of others and created a library of motifs and sketches that would later become 4 of his films. He had so many changes of direction with Nausicaa, and times when it looked like it wouldn’t turn out well, it was actually inspirational to see that he had doubts, too, and yet it turned out so well for him.

Though Miyazaki was humble throughout the book, he seemed genuinely upset by some of the covers he produced on Nausicaa. He particularly hated images of Nausicaa looking at the camera and smiling, since he thought those were so contrary to her character, that is, disconnected and hard to approach.

He also hated anything that screamed ‘I AM A COVER!’ :P

These were two of his favorite cover images:

Anoko to haneru to kokoro mo odoruyo paku-paku chu-gyu

Ponyo came out yesterday, but guess who saw it on Monday? xD There are perks to being friends with this guy. As everyone’s saying, it’s not my favorite Miyazaki movie, but it is right up there with Studio Ghibli’s others in quality and enjoyment. I love love LOVE the two main characters, Sosuke and Ponyo, and all of their interactions, but the rest of the movie was just (well-drawn) fluff for me.
Oh. And when you hear the first bars of the credit rock song, GET OUT OF THERE.

On the Miyazaki thread, take a look at these two gorgeous pieces Terry Blas gave me last week! I was in shock then, and I’m still reeling a bit now. :) Terry is a watercolor and character design master. He did the painting of Sophie a while ago, but he did the painting of Haku in an afternoon!!! MAN. I am still searching for proof that he’s not an artbot from the future. Wait…Robopocalypse…yes, it all makes sense…

Also, I’m over on Nico’s blog again. (A girl could get used to this! :P ) Written by Jamie, illustrated by Nico:

Comic-Con 2009: WB, Disney, Pixar, and Miyazaki

One of the best parts of the trip was the Friday line-up in Hall H (the largest room in the convention center, holding 6,500).

I wanted to see Hayao Miyazaki at the Disney/Pixar panel at 12:45, but to get a seat in the room, let alone a decent one, you had to go very early and sit through whatever panels came before it, since they didn’t empty the room between presentations.

I was planning on going early Friday morning, since seeing Miyazaki was the single Comic-Con event I was most looking forward to and I wanted to be sure to get in, but I had a panic attack on Thursday night, imagining a line forming as I was eating dinner, and my chance to see him slipping away, so decided to just camp out overnight to be safe.
I joined a line of about 10 people that had formed by 11pm, and slept out there overnight until they let us in the next morning at 9. Over that time I met some fun people, including a group of boys behind me in line who were saving on hotel costs by camping out each night in whatever line was forming for Hall H. They knew how to do it in style! Airmattresses, a hooka, and fireworks, lol. They made the experience much more fun, and let me use their airmattress for about 6 hours of sleep. :) And actually, they are the reason I got such a good seat inside, because some idiot in the front row would not answer me as I stood in front of him asking, “Is this seat taken?! Is this seat taken??!!” while the room was filling up around me. They saved me a seat in the second row, and I am eternally grateful!
Joelle and Jamie heard that I was camping out and came over to see me, despite having partied and probably being in the mood to crash in the hotel room. They were so sweet!! They brought me a pillow and blanket and were like, “Seriously, text us if you need anything!!” Terry brought me coffee at like 8:00 in the morning, too…such good friends I have!! What would I do without them?

So the first presentation, which I did not initially care about but had to sit through to keep my seat for Miyazaki, was by Warner Brothers at 10:00. It actually turned out to be one of my favorite parts of the whole weekend. They screened about 10 minutes of new footage for each of the films they were promoting: Where the Wild Things Are, Jonah Hex, Sherlock Holmes, The Book of Eli, Nightmare on Elm Street, and The Box. There’s a nice summary of it here.
What I personally enjoyed so much about this panel, though, was the star-studdery! Robert Downey Jr., Rachel McAdams, Megan Fox, Mila Kunis, Denzel Washington, Gary Oldman, Cameron Diaz, and James Marsden were all great, and it was so surreal to see them in person. Being in the middle of the second row, I was about 20 feet from each of them in turn, and I was just shocked by the experience of seeing celebrities in person (hur hur hur, Oregonian moment). The lighting must have reached the first few rows, too, because I could make eye contact with the people sitting on stage when they scanned the audience. It felt really cool!
Oh, and the actresses were gorgeous! You can tell yourself it’s lighting, the makeup artist, and photoshop, but they are all truly beautiful, even in a very normal environment.
Robert Downey Jr.’s announcement made the crowd scream, stand up, and surge toward the stage, and his presentation during the panel really stood up to that anticipation. He’s very funny and quick-witted, and it was really fun listening to him answer crowd questions.

Then, finally, came the Disney/Pixar animation panel! (Matt Goldberg has 2 good posts up describing the panel) They showed previews of Beauty and the Beast in 3-D (nice glasses provided by Dolby), Toy Story 2 in 3-D, Toy Story 3, The Frog Princess, Ponyo on the Cliff by the Sea, and Prep and Landing, and there were many talented creators there to present and discuss the films. Miyazaki was the big name, though…you could tell by the crowd reaction and the fact that they saved him for last. He came out very modestly and reluctantly, and conducted his interview in a very understated fashion. He used a translator for the interview and Q&A, and I felt kind of bad for him seeing how he wanted to know what was being said but having to wait for it to be passed on to him, and then feeling pressure to answer quickly when he might have wanted to think it over. Can you imagine addressing a room that big in a foreign language?? Blegh. Anyway, it was truly worth waiting for, and the single highlight of my trip to see and hear him in person. I recorded the entire thing on my camera, which was evil and never quite focused on him, but which I will post anyway soon enough. Again, I was so close to the stage that I could see the seams in his clothing, and it was really, really special to see him looking out at the crowd and at me occassionally. He would watch the crowd as footage played behind him on the big screen, and I tried to look animated and appreciative for that. :)
The Ponyo footage was very exciting–we saw a clip embodying the original and difficult portrayals of the ocean in the film. This scene created an ocean of teeming fish, which looked like it was hell to draw. I also got a preview of Tina Fey as the mother, and saw a bit of her character in the film. All in all, I am very excited to see it. On the negative side, though, I was admittedly a little disappointed by the backgrounds in the clip. They were sparse and…hmm…drawn plainly with colored pencil? What? Tell me this will make more sense in the context of the film…I mean, does it work as an embodiment of the main characters youth…???
I was a little concerned.
Oh, but the Frog Princess is looking great–we got to see the entirety of the classic Disney bad-guy song, and it was awesome!!! So much more excited about that movie than I was. :)
And of course, Toy Story 3! So stoked. But I was already.

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Okay, trying to link to Deviant Art for the first time here:

Finished Nausicaa fan art!

Nausicaa Fan Art
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