I hear you say it play it smart girl

I finished my portfolio today (PHEW), so I took the evening off to make……
It had to happen. :P I love Miyazaki and Studio Ghibli’s work more than anything else in the art world. Princess Mononoke is the reason I started imitating anime and manga styles, studying Japanese, writing stories for comics, and eventually drawing comics. Nausicaa is my favorite of all of the Ghibli movies, and my favorite Ghibli character. I drew her here at the base of the poisoned forest, in the outfit she wore in the manga for this scene.
If it’s humanly possible, you can bet I’ll be in the panel Miyazaki speaks at this week in San Diego, and I will bring this on the sliver of a chance that I can give it to him. >3

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So…Miyazaki is coming to Comic-Con. And this is all that I will be talking about for the next month. *A* I wonder if there will be any way to give him presents…probably not, huh? Meh, I’ll be happy if I see him with my own eyes. :)

Can’t Stop the Serenity was last night, and I had a blast with my friends Mary and Christina! We got to The Gypsy too late for most of the festivities, but it looked like it was a good time. The trivia questions were HARD, though! They asked things like “What quadrant is Miranda in?” O___o;
The movie was awesome. It was my first time watching it, so maybe not the best idea to go to a showing where people are encouraged to yell at the screen and say “look out!” before everybody dies, but still, I really really enjoyed it! I couldn’t even tell who was going to die, because all I could hear around me was “AHHHHHHHHHHH” right before it happened, and there were so many camera cuts leading up to it that I just knew death was coming to someone. :P They asked who was watching it for the first time before it started, and I was one of like 2 people, so once in a while someone would shout things like, “Who didn’t see that coming?” and someone else would reply, “The girl in the middle!!!” xD; Definitely going next year and making preemptive jokes with everyone else. I liked the speakers and the message from Joss Whedon before the film–I love his characters and his portrayal of women, and it was cool to see an entire event inspired by that. Very cool indeed.

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