You’re the one anomaly

I updated my Etsy shop with 3 new original pages from Between Gears. Allow me to plug my minicomics while I’m at it; all of my minicomics are now OUT OF PRINT, meaning that I will not be making any more of them and once these sell out they are GONE.

It is very likely that I will sell out of several titles at conventions this spring. If you want them, I strongly recommend that you buy them from me soon.

To clarify: I do hope to make minicomics again, but I will not reprint any of my existing minicomics. If I make minicomics in the next few years, they’ll be new stories. (If I could pull off a Becky Cloonan-style short story, high-quality production, that would be really rad. That is my dream right now.)

Let’s see how far you can get

New fan art for Suzuki Harunobu! I went to an exhibit on Japanese woodblock prints at the Portland Art Museum with Dylan Meconis, Erika Moen, and Bill Mudron last month and was really inspired by Harunobu’s prints.
This image was not in the exhibit; I found it later while searching for his work online. It is probably a sophisticated literary reference, but to me it is a really amusing image of a courtesan so engrossed in her book that she doesn’t realize she’s being kidnapped by a fish.

to buy the original ($75 + $10 postage US or $15 international.). 9″x12″ on nice Bristol.

Here is a list of everything currently for sale.

You are so precious to me cute as can be

New fan art for Dumbo. I was in a mood and watched the movie for the first time since childhood. I did NOT remember it being so sad….! Also, it was very strange how much this clip made me want babies.


Here is a list of everything currently for sale.

Coming through the trees

My Etsy shop is off of vacation mode! I’ve listed all of the minicomics I have in stock, as well as a Between Gears original page:

That’s the sound of the beast

Fan art for Attack of the Block, one of my favorite movies of 2011 (along with Super 8, Hanna, and Bridesmaids). Moses! Moses! Moses! Moses!


Here is a list of everything currently for sale.

Currently for Sale

Original artwork currently for sale:

Hunger Games (Girl on Fire)
Korra and Naga
It Girl
Harunobu (courtesan on a fish)
Astrid Get Your Gun
The Hunger Games (Wildflowers)
Golden Compass
Kim Possible
Olivia Dunham
Lake Illustration

Check out my Etsy shop and Comic Art Fans page for other items. Please feel free to me for further information.

My love Isobel living by herself

I went a little bit fan art crazy this week. Periscope‘s doing Avatar the Last Airbender for this week’s sketch challenge and I just read the first Hunger Games book. :D

to buy any of these originals ($75 + $10 postage US or $15 international.). 9″x12″ on nice Bristol.

Sometimes it can seem so cold do what you gotta do to cope

My contribution to Periscope’s art auction to benefit victims of the tsunami and nuclear crisis in Japan:


You make me complete

I’ve just put 9 new originals up for sale at my Comic Art Fans account. You’ve seen them over the last few months like this:

A prize in every pack

You’ve still got a couple of days to get a piece of my original art on the cheap, and support a great cause while you’re at it! Wonder Woman Day bidding goes on online until Saturday at midnight, and continues live at Excalibur Comics on Sunday. There are currently no bids on my grayscale piece, and the watercolor piece is going for $15.

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