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Joy joy joy joy joy. Done with class. Waiting to be assigned my only final — an at-home essay. Virtually done with college. Yesterday this was stuck in my head all afternoon:

Had a celebratory Senior Week night at Pi Phi, then went out with my roommate and a couple of her friends. Today I am going to be GOOD…stay inside, not spend money, drink lots of water…and draw as long as my head can stand it. @__@
Oh. Jk, I’m going out again tonight. I forgot that there’s a Pi Phi group dinner. Augh this week. Good things in excess.

You have been cloudy, distant, dark; I’m thinking of Noah and the ark

9 new Between Gears pages this week!

I just drew the last November page, and hit the 100 page milestone!! WHOOHOO!! Just 172 left! Ha ha….

I’ve been hitting a lot of milestones lately. I went to my last Pi Phi chapter last week, took my last test on Tuesday, turned in my archival thesis copies today, and have my last day of class (EVER!) tomorrow! Exciting times, exciting times.

Consider this the calm before the storm of new art that will come after I move home and get set up there. :D Priority 1 will be finishing Between Gears. I start a BIG project in the middle of August, and would really really really like to finish BG before I get taken away by that. It’s a pretty daunting race against time–I have to make 17 pages per week for 10 weeks to finish in time. But if you know me you know that’s exactly the kind of challenge that gets me psyched to work :P

Oregon is being a beez this spring/summer. May was a bust, raining or cloudy all but a handful of days, and June is off to the same start. Even for Oregon, it’s ridiculous and depressing. CHANGE!

EDIT: Oh HAY! Did I ever mention that my thesis went really well??? IT WENT REALLY WELL! I passed with distinction, which is the best you can do. It means that out of the honors college theses presented this year, mine was in the top 10%!

Too little much too late

Preview of page 10 of Over the Surface:

My schedule for the next 13 days:

Monday: OtS page 11
Tuesday: class and hw
Wednesday: OtS page 12
Thursday: class and hw
Friday: OtS page 13, friend’s party
Saturday: OtS page 14, family visiting
Sunday: OtS page 15
Monday: OtS page 16
Tuesday: class and hw
Wednesday: clean up and finish OtS, print and assemble minicomics
Thursday: write 2 finals essays (ahahahahaha…) and then take the bus to Portland
Friday: Drive to Seattle with Emi
Saturday: Emerald City Comicon!!!!!!


"You’re out living it up today, I’ve got dues to pay"

Middleman, rag doll, Keyboard Cat, and Bad Robot

With ‘off the res’ Emi

I had a FAB Halloween weekend in Portland, Medicine Fridaying myself back to health, sketching it up with sketchgroup, cheering on the Ducks to glorious victory, and, cough, blacking out at Halloween on Hawthorne. Now I’m back at school, and things just keep getting gradually busier!

Still working on most of the same art projects, with Wonder Woman and Monsters & Dames squared away, a new commission for next month, and that children’s book project for school. Between Gears needs to kick into gear and catch up, but since it comes after my paid work, that’s just got to wait a little longer. Still, there were 5 new pages yesterday if you missed it.

It’s also time to write the story that I want to turn into a comic for my senior thesis. I present my prospectus on November 30, so time is short to research, write, and practice. I have 10 books checked out, with 10 more waiting for me at the library. Since ‘research’ is reading Scott McCloud’s Understanding Comics and The Art of Howl’s Moving Castle, I don’t mind at all. :P

I’m still applying for JET, little by little, and allllmost have all of my outside forms gathered, which is the most stressful part.

I’m stressed out by all of these moving parts (oh yeah, and there’s CLASS, too), but each area is fun in its own right. Got to keep a tight schedule and make sure that everything happens on time and WELL!

sagasu no wo yameta toki mitsukaru koto mo yoku aru hanashi de

Who could this fellow be…?

Great news: I got A’s on both my Japanese lit and finance finals, and A’s in the classes! I was expecting that Japanese grade, but NOT the finance one!! It was a wonderful surprise. :) All that’s left to find out is my disabilities class grade, and I’m going to put my money on B+.

I came home from school earlier than planned (missing every post-finals party…) to spend time with my little brother Nick, who is taking a rafting job down in Grants Pass on Saturday and won’t be home again until September. :,( Worth it!

I spent all of yesterday packing, moving, and starting to unpack here at home. It’s ridiculous…I have enough stuff now to fill 2 rooms, but I have to fit in 1. I’ve been chucking things left and right. It’s bad. My house next year is sooo small, though, it’s better to do this now. Okay, literally, my house next year is the size of the living room and kitchen in my parents’ house. I will barely have space for a twin bed in my room, and even my drafting table is too big to take! ;__; Still haven’t figured out how I’ll swing making art space…

Yume no Naka e is such a good soooong…(lyrics and translation)

AROO_11 preview

AROO_11 preview
Originally uploaded by tallychyck

Page 11, the first page that’s “done”, meaning readable and therefore ready to be turned in. 31 more by next Friday!!!!

Today is Russian Revolution paper day. Joy! But when that is done, the hard part of my term is over. Goal is to do 75% of it today, 25% tomorrow. Ganbarimasu~!!! *A* Rock concert at the hippie commune tonight, so I have to work hard to earn a night off!

Fall’s Finish Line

Fall term is almost over. I have a group presentation Thursday night, 2 finals on Monday, and 3 final projects that can be turned in electronically, so I think I’ll go home on Monday. :D That’s 4 days more winter break for me!

My 21st birthday is on December 22nd, and I cannot WAIT. I get to celebrate in Portland with friends from home and college, and it should be really fun! Just to be able to go to frickin’ concerts in 21 and over venues, order a drink with dinner, etc. Sigh. Cannot wait.

The comic for the class on Virginia Woolf is going well. All of the final paper is ready and the panels are drawn, and 6 of 32 pages are already mostly done with ink. It’s also a lot easier than past projects–I’m more comfortable with the materials and tools than ever, and that feels good. I have a new drafting table waiting at home (thank you David Hahn!), so I hope to draw a lot of it there when I get back. I just got the table cleared at my sorority, too, so I can move it back to school with me when winter term starts up! xD Healthy back GET!

I reinstalled NetObjects Fusion and Paint Shop Pro, so I can edit images and my website again. I’ll try to color something to post this weekend.

Do Not Want for Christmas…

Want for Christmas!

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