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New fan art for Spirited Away:


This is not actually among my favorite Ghibli movies, although I find it to be beautiful and very fun to watch. I like the characters a lot and laugh at the jokes. The themes of self-discovery, cultural reconnection, and creating your own purpose in life are wonderful. I even cry at that part where Haku and Chihiro are falling! It’s just…you know when you can recognize that something is good without actually connecting to it that strongly? It’s that for me.
It’s probably because I like some of Studio Ghibli’s other movies VERY much and they set the bar ridiculously high for me.

Will you be proud of me?

New fan art for Arrietty! This movie is incredible, go watch it.

to buy the original ($75 + $10 postage US or $15 international.). 9″x12″ on nice Bristol.

Here is a list of everything currently for sale.

I’m moving past the feeling

Between Gears came out last week!! Release week was tons of fun. Read Christian Lipski’s article on the release party here.

(photo by the Deborah Lipski)

With my Oni and Lerner books done and Between Gears released, it’s time to focus on Over the Surface! I updated that project’s blog yesterday.

Here is a preview of upcoming fan art for Arrietty:

I LOVED that movie. Do yourself a favor and go see it in theaters, then buy every song Cecile Corbel made for the movie. They are GORGEOUS. I have been listening to a mix of them all week as a writing soundtrack. My favorite right now is ‘My First Borrowing’ (Disney seems to be pretty on top of blocking uploads at the moment, or I would link it).

He sings them for you special

New fan art for Laputa:

This was for Christian, who won last week’s Between Gears giveaway contest. :D

Give me some rope tie me to the dream

Check out my fan art on Briar Hollow this week!

Dude, best commission ever: Catbus + koala + panda for David Harper. So ridiculously much fun.

as;dlkfjalskdmf;laskdfj I have so much love for Fringe.
My latest obsession is this full-length, piano version of the theme song:

If I find sheet music I like, I’d love to try learning this song on my keyboard! I also reeeeeeally want to do fan art, but that is just something that will have to wait. ;__; It will be so sweet when I finally find the time.

This fool’s in love

Two new sketches! Fio from Porco Rosso and random fashion girl:

Anoko to haneru to kokoro mo odoruyo paku-paku chu-gyu

Ponyo came out yesterday, but guess who saw it on Monday? xD There are perks to being friends with this guy. As everyone’s saying, it’s not my favorite Miyazaki movie, but it is right up there with Studio Ghibli’s others in quality and enjoyment. I love love LOVE the two main characters, Sosuke and Ponyo, and all of their interactions, but the rest of the movie was just (well-drawn) fluff for me.
Oh. And when you hear the first bars of the credit rock song, GET OUT OF THERE.

On the Miyazaki thread, take a look at these two gorgeous pieces Terry Blas gave me last week! I was in shock then, and I’m still reeling a bit now. :) Terry is a watercolor and character design master. He did the painting of Sophie a while ago, but he did the painting of Haku in an afternoon!!! MAN. I am still searching for proof that he’s not an artbot from the future. Wait…Robopocalypse…yes, it all makes sense…

Also, I’m over on Nico’s blog again. (A girl could get used to this! :P ) Written by Jamie, illustrated by Nico:

I don’t understand what it is that you’re chasing after

Okay, trying to link to Deviant Art for the first time here:

Finished Nausicaa fan art!

Nausicaa Fan Art
by ~Tallychyck on deviantART

I hear you say it play it smart girl

I finished my portfolio today (PHEW), so I took the evening off to make……
It had to happen. :P I love Miyazaki and Studio Ghibli’s work more than anything else in the art world. Princess Mononoke is the reason I started imitating anime and manga styles, studying Japanese, writing stories for comics, and eventually drawing comics. Nausicaa is my favorite of all of the Ghibli movies, and my favorite Ghibli character. I drew her here at the base of the poisoned forest, in the outfit she wore in the manga for this scene.
If it’s humanly possible, you can bet I’ll be in the panel Miyazaki speaks at this week in San Diego, and I will bring this on the sliver of a chance that I can give it to him. >3

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