Give me some rope tie me to the dream

Check out my fan art on Briar Hollow this week!

Dude, best commission ever: Catbus + koala + panda for David Harper. So ridiculously much fun.

as;dlkfjalskdmf;laskdfj I have so much love for Fringe.
My latest obsession is this full-length, piano version of the theme song:

If I find sheet music I like, I’d love to try learning this song on my keyboard! I also reeeeeeally want to do fan art, but that is just something that will have to wait. ;__; It will be so sweet when I finally find the time.

I wish a falling star could fall forever

Terry Blas’s awesome comic Briar Hollow updated on Sunday with a piece of fan art I did for Sam.

Also, I scanned in the Copic marker Wonder Woman I made as a warm-up for WWD (it turns out it is okay to donate, though it is a nonstandard size, so it will be a part of that auction in October).

Tell me would it make you happy baby

Brenda Hickey’s Ava
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Dude, my friends. They are really the best. Check out these awesome pieces of Over the Surface fan art from Brenda Hickey and Terry Blas!!

Terry Blas’s Ava
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I was searching, you were on a mission

The last 10 days have not been good for art (…or almost anything else). As soon as I started packing up my things in Eugene, my art productivity did a nose dive, and I have only eked out a couple of for-fun illustrations since then (the majority of which I HATE). I forced some Between Gears pages yesterday, but they look TERRIBLE. :( The state of my art life affects other areas of my life, and this kind of inactivity/dissatisfaction is literally depressing me.

Last night, I went out with friends to celebrate being home. Terry gave me some advice that I really needed. He said that when he finished school, he gave himself a month to just be like, “I just finished 4 years of school. I am going to take a month off and only draw when I want to.” It’s hard for me to be idle…in some ways, I’m like a workaholic…but I need to RELAX and not beat myself up for needing that relaxation after this ridiculous year, the thesis, etc. A daily autobio comic might be really rough work by definition, but I shouldn’t hate the way that it turns out. I need to want to be drawing it at least a little bit when I’m drawing it! I want to like it and be proud of it when I’m done.


Comin’ up

Terry Blas just launched his new webcomic, Briar Hollow!! 8D Check it out, yo!

I’m alive! I’m alive!

Last Unicorn and Molly Grue by ~Tallychyck on deviantART

Walk, walk, fashion baby

Damn! How did I get such awesome friends?! I have gotten so much amazing art as gifts this year, I set up a new Flickr set just for it. Here is the newest stuff:

From Joelle Jones:

SO AMAZING. I love how Joelle can make such expressive characters even with rigid, sharp lines. I feel so special having original Joelle Jones art!!!

From Terry Blas:

I can’t stop looking at this!!! XD Possibly my favorite take on Delilah yet. It makes me want to go back to her story and draw it RIGHT NOW. Doesn’t this make you want to know more about the characters??!

And from Matt Grigsby:

FANTASTIC. Besides being an Avatar nerd, Appa and Aang’s friendship was one of my favorite elements of the show. Matt colors so well, too!! Look at how right that blue shading looks on Appa! I would never try that, but it’s so right.

You were right, there was never reason to worry

More Christmas art!

From Terry Blas, LOST characters Desmond and (my favorite character!!) Dan!!!!!:

From Ron Chan (the one last week was Emi’s present that I sniped), Nausicaa!!!!!!!:

Best Christmas ever, seriously. Now I just need a couple hundred dollars to give this art the framing it deserves…!

Anoko to haneru to kokoro mo odoruyo paku-paku chu-gyu

Ponyo came out yesterday, but guess who saw it on Monday? xD There are perks to being friends with this guy. As everyone’s saying, it’s not my favorite Miyazaki movie, but it is right up there with Studio Ghibli’s others in quality and enjoyment. I love love LOVE the two main characters, Sosuke and Ponyo, and all of their interactions, but the rest of the movie was just (well-drawn) fluff for me.
Oh. And when you hear the first bars of the credit rock song, GET OUT OF THERE.

On the Miyazaki thread, take a look at these two gorgeous pieces Terry Blas gave me last week! I was in shock then, and I’m still reeling a bit now. :) Terry is a watercolor and character design master. He did the painting of Sophie a while ago, but he did the painting of Haku in an afternoon!!! MAN. I am still searching for proof that he’s not an artbot from the future. Wait…Robopocalypse…yes, it all makes sense…

Also, I’m over on Nico’s blog again. (A girl could get used to this! :P ) Written by Jamie, illustrated by Nico:

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