Sing P-O-N-Y-O!

UGH. SO BAD. I was listening to the English version of Ponyo’s theme song IRONICALLY and Disney’s voodoo magic made me actually LIKE IT.

Wonder Woman Day 4
by ~Tallychyck on deviantART
Here be the finished piece! (A photo, sorry for the quality!!) Please support Wonder Woman Day (on October 25) this year by submitting art, bidding on art, attending the event, or just picking up Wonder Woman and giving her story a try!

To get the galaxy without using whiteout, I tried some ‘drawing gum’, which I assume is just masking fluid in disguise -3- I tested effects like masking out on scrap from the same watercolor paper to make sure they worked:

Success! On to masking everything!!!

Ahhh, it is a glamorous life, this.

Oh Lord, please don’t let me be misunderstood

Here’s a digital mock-up for the Wonder Woman piece. I will watercolor it, but to help myself plan out color and lighting, I need to play around with it digitally first. Someday I hope to be able to visualize things in color, but right now my brain works in grayscale.
As you can see, there’s a lot I need to leave white in the background. I’m testing out some drawing gum now on scrap paper to see how it holds up to a medium wash. So far, so good. I guess there’s always white-out, but I don’t like the bump that leaves…

I could stay forever leave right now it’s your call either way

Progress photo for my Wonder Woman Day 4 piece (If you’re an artist, consider contributing a piece!!). Overall, I like it so far despite some little quibbles. I have to touch up the inking, make the lines bold and crisp, and add some weight in certain areas, then it’s on to color (plus, you know, backgrounds are a good thing). :P
I made one big mistake, though: Art Media was out of hotpress watercolor paper in the weight I wanted, so I went with coldpress. AGH. Too much texture!! My linework looks broken and fuzzy…I can’t get the brush to move along without a drybrush effect.

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