Then I see our friends and everybody’s so excited!

The Stumptown Comics Fest just posted its convention schedule!

Friday your only option is to PARTY, so do that. :P Cat Farris, Elisabeth Forsythe, and I are hosting Drink and Draw like a Lady: West at Things From Another World (Hollywood location). I am very excited for DDLL. This is the first time I have helped organize a big event! (Check out that fly poster by Emi Lenox!)

I’ve never been able to attend panels while tabling before, but I’m going to try to make it to Jacq Cohen’s ‘Publicizing your Comic’ panel on Saturday at 3.

The Stumptown after party has been at Cosmic Monkey for the last 3 years, and that’s always been great, but I am excited to see what the move to the Jupiter Hotel will bring. Like the move of the convention itself to a bigger venue, change can be good.

On Sunday, I am speaking on the Autobio Comics: How Much is TMI? panel at noon. (Trivia time: the only panel I’ve ever spoken on was an ‘Upstart Artists’ panel at Kumoricon at age 17!)

If you are from out of town, I highly recommend that you go on the SCF 2011 Art Gallery Guided Tours! I think it sounds so nice to be driven around and shown the comic highlights of Portland in just 2 hours! So easy! Is there any other convention that has something like that? My Periscope comic will be up at PCPA this month with lots of art by other Periscopers, so check that out if you can. :)

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