There are many ways to act, and there’s many shades of black

Finished the thumbnails and the character piece I showed you yesterday. Whoo! I finally have a minute to breathe, so I’m taking the afternoon to talk new laptops with my dad. He offered to buy me one for Christmas, but I really like mine, and wanted to wait as long as possible before making the switch. Also, I want to do it right, since this next one will have to last a long time, and I want it to be pretty much perfect.

I’m starting to think about the coming school year. I move back to Eugene September 15, and school starts on the 29th. But first…Pi Phi’s “work week” starts on the 20th. You guys. It is literally 8 hours for 9 days in a row of practicing for recruitment. Shoot me. From the summer letter:

“Everyday your hair must be done and worn down. If you don’t usually do your hair or wear it down, ask a sister for help.”
“NO hair in your face! It can be very distracting!”
“Everyone should wear make-up.”
“Plain studs, small necklaces and bracelets are fine, but nothing big, trendy, or flashy. NO brand names i.e. Chanel C’s, and please no religious jewelry.”
“…if you wear peep toed shoes you must have your nails done.”

*Projectile vomits* I love Pi Phi…but this week is a living hell for me. After 4 years, I just can’t muster up the enthusiasm required to enjoy it. We’re well-rounded, good people, but recruitment makes us look and act like clones (as if anyone wants to join a sorority like that!! We would be so much better off acting genuine! Then we would get, I don’t know, genuine women wanting to join our house). Maybe I’ll get an ovarian cyst the day before it starts.

My class schedule looks good–my regular courses are all between 12:00 and 3:00. I’m taking 400 level reading/writing Japanese, which will be very hard but good for me, an honors college elective called “Little Magazines”, about the history of small press (sooo stoked!! And it’s with a great professor!), and a class preparing me for the senior thesis.

I am also taking 4 art workshops!

  1. Fundamentals of Color
  2. Children’s Book Storyboards
  3. Keeping a Visual Journal
  4. Watercolor Illustration

Sooo excited. :> It looks like there will be lots of time for art in the morning and evenings, and no awkward lunch hour classes or anything making me sprint back home to eat.

Listening to live Radiohead tracks. They’re surprisingly good! I guess it’s not a let-down to hear the songs unedited because they don’t edit Thom much to begin with. :P

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