TSMI: Aliens

(***Spoilers! Obvi!)

Why this movie:
On my Summer Movie Initiative list, the Alien movies were high priority for me. I like the Predator and AVP movies, and Alien is one of the most obvious gaps in my popular movie repertoire. I did not understand all of the talk about Sigourney Weaver when Avatar came out, or some of the mythology/science of the aliens in the other movies they appear in. I picked this movie to watch with my brothers on the drive from Portland to Sunriver because they both had an interest in it as well.

What I knew going in:
It’s a sci-fi thriller (or horror…? maybe…?) about people vs icky aliens that lay eggs in yo mouth and burst from your tummy later. Survival rates not high.
Big guns and strong women. I think Sigourney kicks some ass.

Things that surprised me:
Aliens is the second movie in the series. WHOOPS.
It’s more sci-fi/action than horror. It had a fairly happy ending!
It’s set in the future and there are badass MECHA!
SO MANY JOKES from Starship came from this movie! XD

My take-away:
I really liked this movie! Fantastic action, great characters, and squirmy/icky/tense/scary parts without overdoing it. I can see why it is a classic, and I think it would be more fun on a second viewing (less time wasted shaking behind splayed hands). I wish I had watched Alien first, but I’m no less excited to see it now. I can’t believe the main, surrogate daughter, and love interest characters survived. N’awww. And no twist ending for goddamn once!

Best part:
See illustration. Also, Vasquez’s enormous black gun near the beginning. Insanely cool, that.

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