Video Blog…1? …Possibly the only one???

So yes. What she said. OTL;;

I made a lot of progress on the project yesterday; thumbnails are almost done!!! Paper is cut and ruled, and 50% of the borders are drawn. Next, I’ll ink speech balloons, look up reference photos for buildings and such, and then it’s time to pencil! It will be a productive Thanksgiving break. :)

Happy Thanksgiving to all of those who observe it! :D Have a great long weekend in any case!


  • You actually did pretty good for your first video log.
    The new projects looks intersting and fun. Can’t wait to see it!

    December 20, 2008
  • Thank you! It’s still a long way from done, but several of the inked pages are available on SmackJeeves (

    December 20, 2008

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