When she was 22 the future looked bright

This is how I feel today. Despite having jury duty this morning at 8:00, blowing out a tire on the way, being there for ten hours, and taking the wrong bus home (I ended up in Tigard. Street cred FAIL), I had lots of time to think, and I set art goals for the school year that I’m really excited about. Goals are just goals unless you work toward them, but it feels good to pick a direction in which to move.

Have some jury duty sketch dump, y’all:

Lilly Allen’s 22 is great, and I like the music video as well.


  • Jury duty doesn’t seem so bad if you get to sketch while you’re there. I love the facial expressions that you show here, especially the little kid.

    August 25, 2009
  • Thank you! Agreed–it actually wasn’t bad at all, especially when I was allowed to draw :P

    August 25, 2009

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