Why would I be happier out there than I am in here

I finally got my copy of This Is A Souvenir today!!

It is gorgeous, with glossy, colorful interior pages and a nice design throughout. Great job, Image. :) I am looking forward to giving each story a leisurely read before bed tonight. As a reminder, this is the anthology that contains Julie Christie!, a story by Jamie S. Rich and me.

Had my first final today (Japanese lit, not bad if we’re counting my chickens early) and rewarded myself with some mindless self indulgence, a.k.a. drawing my toaster people:

I needed grid lines to get them symmetrical…when they’re half an inch tall, it’s easy to make them cute, but these are more like 8 inches, and they can get kind of lopsided. :P

Whoo! 6 followers! Thanks, guys. :) The number 6 reminds me of an early episode of Natalie’s Misadventures with Men…*doodly doo doodly doo doodly doo*
It was the fall of my 12th year, and I had a crush on Tyler G. We sat next to each other in class, and I thought that surely this would be the year we would start going out. He was talking with a friend about Yahtzee during a break in lesson one day, and I excitedly piped in, “I love Yahtzee! My lucky number is 6.” He turned to me with a concerned expression and said, “That’s the Devil’s number.” It never worked out between us.

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