You must be swift as the coursing rain

My family was coming down to Eugene this weekend for the Duck game, but UO doesn’t actually announce game times until the week before the game, and this one turned out to be too late for them to drive home afterward. Now there are 4 very expensive tickets under my name waiting at will call, and it’s looking like I’m taking 3 friends with me to my first Duck football game ever. Exciting?

It should be. But there are reasons I haven’t gone to a Duck football game in 4 years of college. I like football only marginally more than baseball, I hate the mob mentality at sporting events, and loud noises irritate me. Drinking, standing up for hours, and shouting in a mob of people does not appeal to me. But jeez, what kind of grouch would I be if I never gave it a chance? I’m dreading it right now a ridiculous amount for what it is. xD; Watch me have the best time ever and wish I’d been doing it all 4 years. xDDD;

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